Jana Sepulvado

Jana began yoga to work through chronic pain. “The invisible pain that robbed me of so much in life became something I needed to get to know in order to conquer. Spending time on my mat concentrating on the discomfort gave me control of it being there instead of being it’s victim. Eventually, I found more and more movement that helped me get to a healthy place where I can enjoy exercise. Not to say that it all went away, but coping in this way changed how I live with it! Helping others learn to look as intently into their internal mirror as they do the external one to get to know who they are beyond the physical self is my passion.”

Jana completed 200 hour yoga teacher training and is also certified in aerial yoga. She also teaches preschool and lives in Georgetown with her husband, who is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, and their 3 boys who love to practice with her!